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LTP INC Studios


LTP is a indie label destined for greatness in the music industry! Structured as a family while operating as a business. GIVE GOOD MUSIC A LISTEN.


LTPinc Studio's is a professional recording studio located in Atlanta, GA, featuring the best of modern digital tools. Music is our passion, and we focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting. WELCOME HOME!! For more info about our studio Email Us.


Coming from vastly different places in the US both SR.Gent and CashOnAble now reside in Atlanta, GA. Sharing similarities and hardships they both grew up with a desire to change the negativity around them. They came together with Stefanello and Alpha Prince creating a dynamic collaboration that has rarely been seen in the music industry. LTP inc is an indie label that is sure to rise to a place amongst greats both past and present. Read more about LTP, INC HERE.



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